Sunday 31 May 2015

Newbury, Berkshire (skyline)

Urban panoramas are a bit tricky. You've got to get all the roofs to line up and be the right size, and sometimes you run out of paper on the right hand side.. (especially if you are right handed).

But Newbury has a wonderful skyline. Some fascinating roofs: ancient, modern and inbetween.

I was standing on the top floor of a multistorey car park, awaiting my family's return from an extra bit of shopping, so I knew I didn't have long. Having run out of paper before including the church, it was a relief to find that I had time to do a separate drawing, and a bonus to be able to add the pen clarifications below the first drawing, which was made in 6B graphite stick.

Thatcham, Berkshire

The Bluecoats School on the A4

Roof line of Thatcham House
Two of the most interesting buildings in Thatcham, sketched quickly in sepia calligraphy ink, black rollerball and with, in the case of the Bluecoats sketch, a Derwent Drawing pencil sky added later.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

The Bunkers on Greenham Common

And this is the last of today's sketches at Greenham Common. The bunkers almost define the place... they were also used in the filming of the latest Star Wars film. Very quick Conté stick sketch.

Fallen Trees in the Woods on Greenham Common

A little on the blue side because of the lateness of the hour that I took the photograph, this is the first sketch in a new sketchbook (a Seawhite "Popular" book - 250 x 190mm), and the first of several that I made on a circular wak on Greenham Common today. It was made in indigo calligraphy ink using the Sailor Fude de Mannen fountain pen that I imported from Japan.

Sunday 17 May 2015

More from the Greenwood

Friar Tuck: the medieval mild mannered janitor / Hong Kong Phooey.
And Robin is looking ready to tell us a tale... or possibly launch into a proto-metal prog rock number.

Only the foolish rode gaily caprisoned horses through Sherwood Forest unaccompanied.
Much and a party.

Thursday 14 May 2015

From the tales of Robin Hood... and imagination

"I say, fellow, it's dreadfully important that I cross this here stream."
Robin was a bit posh - a disgraced aristocrat - in some of the stories I read.
Little John, on the other hand (who isn't little) was stubborn and very
good with a quarter staff...
I'm East Midlander by birth and childhood; it's only right and proper, then, that I should find the legend of Robin Hood of interest. Here are two drawings made from imagination and memory of the stories. Both are done in Molotow marker on black paper.

Alan-a-dale was a musician and a dreamer.

Monday 4 May 2015

Boy on a train

Bank Holiday Monday, Heritage Railway... we ignored the bigger ones (Watercress, Didcot) and took our not-so-little-anymore train fan (yes, that's him) to Cholsey and Wallingford. This is my favourite sketch of the day.

I also drew the engines (it's kind of expected, if you're going to draw anything at a heritage railway - although my activity appeared to be quite novel to the volunteers I spoke to). This is Northern Gas Board No. 1: