Sunday 28 February 2016

Rock Nite

Whole Lotta Love
Local rock bad From Dusk Til Dawn played a charity rock night in the village last night. I was there, with my A6 sketchbook...

Wanted, Dead or Alive

What's the collective noun for rock guitarists?

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Clothed Life Sketches

Short poses, pastel / Derwent Drawing pencil

Short poses, pen / carbon stick
Acrylic on white faced corrugated cardboard. 15 min.
Acrylic on gessoed hardboard. 30 min.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Life Sketches - 15 February 2016

Sketch 1 (10 minute pose):
Chalky pastel things with carbon stick in supporting role

Sketches 2 and 3 (both 10 min poses):
Molotow Aqua Twin (watercolour markers);
carbon stick with white chalky pastel thing in supporting role

Sketch 4:
Carbon stick

Sketch 5:
Pilot Parallel calligraphy pen (red ink) and Molotow Aqua Twins

15 minute kneeling pose sketched with a painting knife
in acrylic on a scruffy bit of gessoed haadboard.