Tuesday 28 June 2016


Four A6 fountain pen sketches

Warneage Wood in Wanborough, near Swindon was the venue for my meet-up with Polliemath today. We both did some sketching. These are my sketches.

Grassland in mixed media
(fountain pen, watercolour and Molotow marker)
Path in mixed media
(various inks, applied with fountain pens, brush,
poured and smudged with fingers; carbon; graphite;
Derwent Drawing pencil; dressmaker's chalk)
Bench in ink (Pilot Parallel and Sailor Fude de Mannen fountain pens)

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Stranded Mermaid

St Swithun's church in Nately Scures (a very small place just off the A30 near Basingstoke) is tiny and very old, having been built by the Normans. And it has a mermaid.

Now, if you know where Basingstoke is, you'll realise that this mermaid (who lives on the top of the left-hand door pillar shown in the drawing below) is - by UK standards - a long way from home. Noone really knows what she's doing in Nately Scures, but I think that she's really rather charming.

Odiham Castle

Odiham Castle (known locally as King John's Castle) is not actually in Odiham, although it isn't very far away, being nominally in North Wanborough. It isn't really in any village, though; it stands, peacefully, by itself next to the Basingstoke Canal, which - fittingly - does not actually go to Basingstoke.

I was fascinated by the poppies growing on the walls (above).

All sketches A6, executed in fountain pen. 
Top sketch also has Inktense pencil and then more fountain pen ink, both added after leaving the site.