Friday 22 January 2016

January 18 to 22 - Around the village

Five pen sketches of buildings in the village, all made outdoors, some in more of a hurry than others (it was very cold on Monday and Tuesday).

Thursday 21 January 2016

January 17th 2016: And on Sunday, it snowed.

Derwent Drawing, Uniball (black and white) on grey paper
But the roads were clear, so we made it home safely.

January 16th 2016: Hull Paragon

The railway station in Hull is a clasic Victorian Terminus. Lots of lovely arches, and ... quite a few Way Out signs.

On the train back to Leeds, a young man was teaching his female companion how to play an electronic game.

January 15th 2016: Truelove in the river Hull

This was an oddity. Sticking up out of the river Hull, a distressed cylindrical pillar - looking as if it belonged there - topped with the word TRUELOVE and two model heads. Looking as if they don't belong there.

I thought it said TRUE LOVE (you can tell that from my sketch). But it doesn't. Truelove was a ship. The heads represent two young Inuit who were brought to Hull on the Truelove and died of measles. They don't belong there, really, do they?

Read the story here.

Monday 18 January 2016

January 15th 2016 - Hulls in Hull

Once we arrived in Hull, we gravitated to the docks, where we found the Spurn Lightship in the Humber Dock...

... and, on the river Hull, the last of Hull's sidewinder trawlers, the Arctic Corsair.
Both of these boats are now museums.

16 Jan - Travelling by train...

It's a bit flat out there...
A landmark

16 Jauary 2016 - Leeds Station

Railway stations are always good places to find interesting things to draw. Leeds station has a concourse across the railway lines with plate glass, allowing for a fabulous view over the station to the city.

Still from the station, a view of the infamous Bridgewater Place, which generates high winds at street level through some unhappy combination of its shape and position. Its presence has caused serveral serious injuries and one death.

Station staff await the opportunity to assist travellers with the ticket gates.

15 January 2016 - Leeds

Leeds Victoria Quarter
Leeds city centre has a series of interestingly ornate shopping arcades. They were significantly warmer than the streets outside, and proved to be excellent sketching locations. All of these sketches are A6.
Two sketches of the entrance to the County Arcade from the main Victoria Quater arcade.

There was a Yamaha piano sitting in the middle of the main Victoria Quarter arcade. Every now and then, someone would sit down and play.

Thursday 14 January 2016

Jan 12 - 14

Jan 12 - Pen

Jan 13 - Shops

Jan 14 - Me
These three were all done with the pen featured in January 12th's sketch. It's the same pen - the Sailor Fude de Mannen, a Japanese calligraphy pen - mentioned in my "Little Extras" post. The shops are our village café and grocery store. The self portrait on the 14th was, in part, an excuse to try out some new ink - Senegal Blue, made by Rohrer and Klingner.

Monday 11 January 2016

Friday 8 January 2016

Catch-up sketches January 5 to 8

Self portrait, watercolour
Part of Cover 2 Cover sketchbook exchange project
Smooth (ink)
Cartridge pen (as depicted)
Part of Cover 2 Cover sketchbook exchange project
Smooth (shave)
A proper out-n-about sketch, of the village church from a convenient hill.
Fountain pen (not the same one)

Monday 4 January 2016


It's not twelfth night yet, and our tree is still up, still covered in tinsel by the children... It was catching the sun earlier today, and that is when I drew it.

(The pink splodgy bits are where my pen malfunctioned, but I liked the effect, so I kept them in.)

January 4th

A quick ink sketch made in a A6 book while walking to the studio this morning. The downs rise above the village, creating a protective green wall of chalk, flint and grass.

Sunday 3 January 2016

Sketch 365

03 January, upon which day I discoverd the fragility of graphite sticks.
The 8B broke in twain in my pocket. Now I have two rather small ones.

I intend to sketch 2016. Every day. I may not post every day... I'm already behind, because I forgot to post these...

01 January. Drawing in the New Year... (A5)
Bryan Adams was on television after the London fireworks.

02 January. Traffic (A6)
I wasn't driving. We weren't going anywhere fast at this point, though.