Thursday, 29 January 2015

What is a Sketch? (Part One)

Random collection of sketches of sketching things
Oxford Dictionaries define sketch as:
A rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making a more finished picture.
But that doesn't mean that a sketch should be hidden away. Many sketches are sufficient in themselves; others provide an insight into the creative process. Some can fall into both categories.

Sketches are likely to have one or more of the following characteristics:
  • A quick drawing on paper
  • A drawing in a sketchbook
  • Drawn from life
  • Drawn outdoors or in a public place
  • Executed to test an idea
  • A planning exercise, such as a compositional sketch
Most sketches are likely to be drawn, but some may be painted (the line between drawing and painting is not as well-defined as might be expected. It is smudged in some traditional media, such as pastel, and virtually erased by the advent of digital media).

Any media can be used to sketch, but some are more suited than others. I'll post separately on the subject of sketching implements (part one thereof is here). 

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