Thursday 5 March 2015

Back so soon? The Devil's Den and Fyfield Down, in company

The Den, in Conté, on orange paper
Wiltshire was calling me, and I paid it heed...

Today, I went back to the Devil's  Den, this time with my friend, Rose.The weather was much kinder today, and we both got quite a few sketches made. We started at the Den itself, and then walked around and through the "Grey Wethers" sarsen fields.

The Den, from the same position, in Indigo ink
My first two sketches were made while I sat on the ground. I wanted a low viewpoint to emphasise the drama of the monument against the sky. By the time that I had completed two sketches, my legs were going to sleep, so I thought it best to stand up and find another viewpoint:
The Den, from the side, in oil pastel
Early sightings of the sarsen field were impressive:

 Fyfield Down, Conté
... as were the rolling downs themselves.

Line drawing (walk-and-draw), Uniball

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