Thursday 26 February 2015

St. Mark and St. Luke, Avington

Church vertebrae? - 6B Graphite stick
A sketching expedition in the rain; an intriguing little 12th century Norman church. Made for each other

Add in the relative remoteness of the location (a hamlet near Kintbury in Berkshire), the fact that it is privately owned, and a vagueness about the possibility and means of access, and it turned into a little adventure. As it happened, Rose and I were able to drive to within a few hundred metres and the door was unlocked, so it was a very easy adventure.

The soggy weather persuaded us to concentrate on the interior, which was no hardship. It may be small and, on the face of it, quite plain, but there was more than enough to keep us both occupied for the duration and to encourage a return visit.

I was struck by the vertebrae-like appearance of the stone chancel arch (a fragment of which is shown in my pencil drawing at the top of this post). The fact that the bumps were actually faces (worn by time) was not immediately apparent.

My next drawing emphasises the simplicity of the building, but I could not resist throwing some colour into the glorious little stained glass window.

Stained glass window ("Behold, the Lord Our God") in the nave, above the C13th bell
Indigo ink/Japanese calligraphy pen and Inktense pencil, wetted

We moved back out to the porch and were both taken by the recessed quatrefoil openings. My drawing concentrates on the distressed stonework; the view through the opening is stonework on another part of the church building.
Worn quatrefoil opening in the porch,
Derwent Drawing (earth tones),
with blue and green Coloursoft added at home
Rose did her own, speedy, version of this quatrefoil. You can see it on her blog, here.

 And finally, I went brash and bold on a landscape subject...
Snowdrops below the trees in the grounds of the church,
drawn from the shelter of the porch in Molotow Markers

Some history at the Hungerford virtual museum
Architectural notes that may be of interest:

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