Wednesday 17 May 2017

Cover 2 Cover 2017 - sketchbook one - Classical Mechanics

These drawings are my contributions to "my" collaborative Cover to Cover 2017 sketchbook.

This year, each participating artist chose their own sketchbook theme, and second hand books that suited those themes were bought for adaptation by the group of six artists. My theme was Classical Mechanics. The book was (once) a Child's A-Z of Technology. It was an A4 paperback, roughly the size of a glossy magazine, with slightly more substantial (but no less glossy) pages. The paper proved difficult to work on, and I ended up gesso'ing several pages (sometimes leaving choice images or text).

Top: cover (old jeans, Molotow and One4All markers) and
title page ('found' image from the book, acrylic ink, fountain pen and bad joke)

Below: Apples (picked from our own tree) in oil pastel on acrylic gesso 
and Introduction in fountain pen, with Internet-sourced Sir Isaac Newton 
and 'found' text ('Dear Reaer') and spaceman.

A force of nature, driven by gravity - the sea. Oil pastel on acrylic gesso

An attempt to illustrate gravitational and centrifugal forces along with angular momentum. Coloured pencil, shellac inks and found image.

Another apple. Isaac Newto meets William Tell. Coloured pencil and colage on acrylic gesso.
Time and motion, linked by clockwork. Molotow One4All markers, graphite, found text and images and mechanical watch parts.

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